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I, Elizabeth
Oh, toast's done. 
9th-Mar-2011 01:48 pm
I went for my follow-up to my periodontist today and came out with stitches. Weird man! He asked me what I thought and I said I'd like the gum to have been brought down a bit more, but I didn't care about the placement of that tooth because I didn't want braces again. He was a bit concerned with the placement because it's 1mm out of synch or something like that but they are all healthy and the surgery did it's job, etc. But really it would be nice to have had that gum brought down lower, and he said, 'what are you doing the rest of the day?' I said I had a tax appointment at 3. He said, 'oh you'll be fine by then!' And before I knew it I was in that chair again and he was cutting open my gum again so he brought it down. It's perfect! But it might not stay that way because at this point it's just trying to grown gum over enamel which isn't natural but it might take and then this 10 year process will be over and my mouth will be perfect!

It's nice having a day off! It's weird being a business professional! Inside I still feel like a student. It's hard to shake the habit of 16 years of a school life. But I guess things are okay!
[tvxq] you're still my fag
10th-Mar-2011 04:18 pm (UTC)
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